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Learn About the Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

A lot of people simply do not go for emergency wisdom tooth removal on time and wait for the pain from impacted wisdom teeth to force them into it. In our opinion, knowing what you will be facing properly can help you prepare your mind and take away some of the fear from you. In this article, we are sharing the entire process involved in dentist wisdom teeth removal so that you can feel prepared and mentally ready for it when you need to go. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Would You Need Walk in Wisdom Tooth Removal

There are plenty of reasons that can lead to you needing wisdom tooth extraction near me. The most common reasons for removing can include infection in the gums, traumatic injury, preparation for the root canal, or even to avoid crowdedness in your mouth. The decision to have wisdom teeth removed depends on your dentist’s diagnosis and the impacted wisdom teeth symptoms that you are facing. In case of an emergency, having a dentist that pulls teeth near me available immediately can be incredibly beneficial.

Understanding the Adult Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Even when you have an emergency, a good dentist like Nearest Emergency Dentist will take all the steps necessary to make sure everything is done properly and professionally. This means several steps need to be taken to make sure you get your tooth removed without any complications. Here are the steps involved in a typical tooth extraction near me.

1. Consultation for Same Day Wisdom Teeth Removal

Even when there is an emergency, you will need to get a consultation from the dentist of your choice to assess the case. The purpose of having a consultation before an emergency tooth extraction is to make sure the right decision is being made and that the dentist goes into the procedure fully prepared. No one wants to see anything go wrong during the procedure which could end up affecting your oral health negatively.

2. Sedation for Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Every emergency dentist will use a sedative to numb the area from where your impacted tooth is to be extracted. Regardless of whether it is one of the top wisdom teeth or the bottom ones, sedation plays an important role in making the procedure comfortable. If you face a lot of anxiety and have a case of dentophobia, then your dentist may use a general anesthetic to put you to sleep for the procedure. This can be given as an inhalant or an IV, depending on suitability. Some dentists also offer pills to put patients to sleep for the duration of the procedure.

3. The Actual Lower Wisdom Teeth Removal

Once you are done with the sedation and are completely oblivious to the possibility of pain, your dentist will begin the extraction process for the bottom wisdom teeth. This is done by widening the socket area using a specialized tool called a dental elevator. What it does is that it performs wisdom teeth extraction by applying pressure on multiple sides of the tooth and rocking it in the socket. This will loosen the tooth enough to be grabbed and taken out of the socket during the emergency wisdom tooth extraction. Once the tooth has been loosened fully, a gentle twist will be applied to tear off any ligaments holding it in place and then the tooth will be removed completely.

4. Stitching Up After Erupted Wisdom Tooth Removal

Once the dentist has successfully removed the tooth from the wisdom teeth location, they will thoroughly clean the area to remove any bacterial presence to ensure the area does not get contaminated. The purpose is to protect your entire gum line from getting infected. Once the emergency tooth extractions are complete and the area is clean, the dentist will close any wounds that may have been created and ensure proper blood clot is formed. Leaving the area bleeding can also lead to bacterial growth and other issues as well.

Post Operative Care After Getting Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Near Me

Once the extraction is complete and any chances of wisdom tooth decay have been averted successfully, you will begin your recovery phase. This will include saltwater rinses, ice packs for swelling and pain, consuming soft foods, and avoiding anything that could lead to bleeding in the area from where the wisdom tooth was removed. A good dentist like Nearest Emergency Dentist will share a detailed care routine for you after getting dental extraction near me to ensure the best possible results.

FAQs for Dentist Office That Removes Wisdom Teeth

  1. Can you get emergency wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, most good dentists offer comprehensive emergency wisdom tooth removal services as the pain it can cause can be quite unbearable for most patients.

  1. When is it urgent to remove wisdom teeth?

Any situation where a person is feeling too much pain or is at risk of developing an infection should be treated as an emergency procedure.

  1. Can I get my wisdom teeth removed same day?

Depending on the dentist you choose, you can certainly get your wisdom teeth removed the same day, sometimes even without getting an appointment.

Summing Up

As you can see, emergency tooth removal is not a complicated procedure at all. However, this is only the case if you choose a competent dentist to perform this procedure. For the residents of Houston, we strongly recommend checking out Nearest Emergency Dentist. They offer emergency bookings; you can also use their online booking portal 24/7 to book an appointment. They also offer live chat and phone support if you need to get more specific information.

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