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A knocked-out tooth is the clearest example of a dental emergency. Your tooth can get knocked out of its socket because of dental injuries, accidents, falls, or sports injuries. In these cases, you must act quickly because your tooth can be saved with the correct precautions. If you keep the tooth’s root and ligament alive, your emergency dentist might be able to restore your teeth. You must contact your emergency dentist near me as soon as possible if you have a knocked-out tooth. The chance of dental restoration decreases the longer you wait. Below, we highlight what to do when you have a knocked-out tooth or damaged dental implant in Houston, TX.

Dental Implants

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What should I do about a knocked-out tooth?

Handle the tooth carefully

When a tooth is knocked out of its socket, the ligament might be destroyed, but the nerve fibers must remain attached and healthy. You should carefully pick the tooth up by the crown (not the root). Wide excess dirt and debris off the tooth without rubbing it strongly. You can place the tooth back into your socket or hold it between your cheeks and gums. The tooth has the strongest chance of survival if it remains coated in your saliva.

Store the tooth safely

If you can’t place the tooth in the socket or access the dentist within 10 to 15 minutes, you can place it in a container with cold, whole milk or your saliva. If you have a special pH-balanced, cell-cultured solution for tooth preservation, that’s even better, but that’s not commonly available in most households. Most dentists keep the solution in their offices to deal with knocked-out teeth. Storing the tooth safely is essential for its chance of survival.

Visit your emergency dentist in Houston

The chance of saving a knocked-out tooth is over 90% if you follow the precautions, act quickly, and visit the emergency dentist within an hour. The longer you wait to visit the emergency dentist, the lower the chance of success. That’s why you must contact the emergency dentist, even if it’s the middle of the night. However, if your tooth is knocked out because of periodontitis or infections, there’s no way to save it.

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What are the treatments for a knocked-out tooth?

In most cases, if your tooth is knocked out of the socket because of injuries and trauma (and not periodontal disease), and you act promptly, the dentist will simply reattach the tooth to the socket. After some time, your mouth will heal enough to make the tooth an integrated part of your anatomy again. However, if your tooth can’t be saved for some reason, the emergency dentist may recommend the following teeth replacement options — dental bridge and implant.

A dental bridge is a series of fake teeth (pontics) supported on either side by dental crowns attached to the healthy abutment teeth. If you’ve lost one tooth, the dentist can prepare a dental bridge consisting of one pontic and two crowns on the sides. The abutment teeth are filed down to a small stub to accommodate the crowns, which can secure the pontic in place and improve your smile. This is a simple and conservative option.

A dental implant is an ideal option for you if you want to restore optimal health and wellness. A dental implant is a titanium screw attached to the bone underneath the socket of the missing tooth. The implant fuses with the surrounding jawbone via a process called osseointegration, becoming an essential component of your dental anatomy. Finally, a dental crown is attached to the implant, which looks, feels, and functions like normal teeth.


What to do about a damaged dental implant?

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What to do about a damaged dental implant?

The dental crown attached to the implant, i.e., the visible component of the implant structure, must be replaced every 10 to 15 years. But the dental implant itself is designed to last a lifetime. However, dental implants can break or get damaged if extreme pressure is applied to them before the osseointegration process completes, which takes roughly 6 months after the implant surgery. To prevent this, you should avoid biting hard foods, ice cubes, and other hard objects until osseointegration is complete.

If the dental implant is damaged or broken, you have to get it replaced by a new implant. You must visit your emergency dentist to explore your teeth replacement and implant replacement options. You might need a bone grafting procedure to restore the health of your jawbone before getting another implant. The implant surgeon will curate the ideal dental implant treatment plan for you. Please avoid putting too much pressure on your dental implants, as that might lead to complications.

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Knocked-Out Tooth/ Dental Implant FAQs

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Knocked-Out Tooth/ Dental Implant FAQs

Yes, a broken tooth is certainly a dental emergency, especially if the crack or fracture extends under the gum line. If the fracture is only superficial, the dentist can restore the tooth with fillings, bonding, or crowns. However, if the fracture extends under the gum line or into the pulp chamber, the dentist will recommend an emergency dental extraction or root canal.

If you have a broken wisdom tooth, you must contact your dentist immediately. The dentist will schedule an emergency dental extraction to remove the wisdom tooth, following which you’ll receive over-the-counter pain medications to minimize discomfort.

After an emergency dental extraction, the empty socket is left with a hole that gradually heals into a blood clot. If the blood clots come loose, the socket causes significant pain and discomfort — this is a dry socket.

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