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A damaged crown isn’t always a dental emergency, but you must consult your dentist at Edge Dental. If your dental crown is damaged, you may need to have it replaced or restored in Houston, TX.

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Dental Crowns Near Me

dental crown

Dental crowns are supposed to last 10 to 15 years, or perhaps even more with optimal care and oral hygiene. However, dental crowns can also get damaged, even before that period, necessitating a dental crown replacement. If you have a damaged crown, you need to consult your emergency dentist near me to figure out your options. Whether your damaged crown can be restored or replaced depends on the type of crown and the extent of the damage. Below, we discuss everything you must know about dental crowns, damaged crowns, and dental emergencies.

dental crown

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What is a dental crown?

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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” placed on top of an existing tooth, just above the gum line. It basically covers up a damaged, discolored, or misshapen tooth. You often receive dental crown procedures after root canals in order to protect the weakened tooth underneath. Dental crowns are also recommended when a cavity is too large for a traditional filling. In some cases, dental crowns can also be used for teeth replacement — the dental crown can be attached to a bridge or a dental implant, replacing the missing tooth.

During your dental crown procedure, the dentist will first shave the external enamel from your tooth, bringing it down to the size of a small stub. The dentist takes an impression of the tooth to prepare the dental crown. The dental laboratory prepares the crown according to the dentist’s specifications and sends them back. On your second visit, the dentist places the permanent dental crown in place using dental cement and other tools. The dental crown stays in place, giving the external impression of a healthy and natural tooth.

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What are the types of dental crowns?

Metal Dental Crowns

These are made from alloys of chromium, nickel, palladium, or gold. They’re strong enough to withstand teeth grinding, clenching, and normal bite force and they’re extremely durable and less likely to get damaged. However, metal Dental crowns can’t be color-matched to your teeth, so they’re usually attached to the molars, or they remain highly visible.

Composite Resin Crowns

Composite resin is a fairly inexpensive material for crowns, but it’s not very durable. Resin crowns get worn down easily, and they don’t have great longevity, making them more likely to get damaged. Composite resin is generally used for temporary dental crowns.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal is one of the best materials for dental crowns near me. The base of the crown is made of metal, giving it the requisite durability and strength to withstand bite force. However, the crown is coated in porcelain, which can be adjusted according to the shade of your natural teeth. This makes them look completely natural while being strong.

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Porcelain Crowns

All-porcelain crowns are made completely from porcelain or ceramic. They’re accurately color-matched according to the shade and color of your natural teeth, so they’re indistinguishable from your actual teeth. They’re also stain-resistant, so they won’t get discolored after regular use. However, porcelain crowns aren’t as durable as metal crowns.

Your dental crown can be damaged for the following reasons:

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Your dental crowns Near me can be damaged for the following reasons:


What should I do if my dental crown is damaged?

If your dental crown is damaged or cracked, you must visit an emergency dentist office in Houston, TX, without delay. If your dental crowns near me has come out completely or it’s whole, you can visit the dentist during regular hours. However, if the dental crown has jagged edges, which can harm your mouth, you must schedule emergency dental services. If the crown is loose enough, you can pull it out and keep it in an airtight container to prevent accidentally swallowing it.

Depending on the type and condition of the dental crowns near me, the dentist might be able to repair or fix the damage. If the dental chip or crack isn’t large, the dentist might be able to fix it with composite resin. In some cases, the dentist may have to smoothen or polish the edges of the dental crown to restore it completely. However, if the damage is severe, the dentist will ask you to get a new crown. You must get a new dental crown to prevent potential complications.

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Damaged Crown FAQs

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Damaged Crown FAQs

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Dental abscess
  • Damaged dental crown
  • Fractured or cracked teeth
  • Periodontitis
  • Lost filling
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

If your tooth is broken or cracked, you must contact your emergency dentist. They will examine your teeth, determine the extent of the damage, and recommend the ideal restorations. You may need dental fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, or even dental implants.

An emergency root canal is a procedure wherein the dentist must drill a hole into the tooth and extract all the components of the pulp chamber. The pulp tissues are removed, and the canal is disinfected to restore optimal dental health.

Yes, an abscessed tooth might have to be pulled if the dentist can’t stop the infection from spreading. Tooth extraction might be the only way to save the surrounding teeth.

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Edge Dental is a state-of-the-art dental clinic located at 15455 Memorial Dr #400 Houston, TX. We specialize in providing tooth-colored and tooth-shaped dental crowns that can last decades with proper care. However, if your dental crowns near me is damaged, please contact Dr. Lai to discuss your crown restoration or replacement options. We accept last-minute and walk-in appointments, especially during dental emergencies. Please schedule your emergency dental services in Houston, TX, today.