Broken / Cracked Tooth
Do you have a broken/ cracked tooth? Are you wondering if you need a cracked tooth root canal? We help you determine if you need to contact an emergency dentist for cracked teeth in Houston, TX.

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Broken/ Cracked Tooth

A broken or cracked tooth can happen because of several reasons, such as excessive teeth grinding, bruxism, facial trauma, injuries, or chewing hard foods. Leaving a cracked tooth untreated can lead to several complications, infections, and even tooth loss. Cracked or broken teeth aren’t always dental emergencies, and sometimes they don’t even require treatment, but you shouldn’t take that chance. That’s because a tooth may appear safe on the outside, but it might be severely damaged underneath. If you don’t seek treatments for cracked teeth, you may eventually need a cracked tooth root canal or tooth extraction.

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You may have cracked teeth for these reasons:

Broken Cracked Tooth
Broken Cracked Tooth

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What are the types of cracked teeth?

wisdom tooth extraction near me

What are the types of cracked teeth?

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The symptoms of a cracked tooth include:

Emergency Dentist
Emergency Dentist


What are the treatments for a cracked tooth?

As mentioned previously, dental cracks can come in various forms, such as craze lines, fractured cusps, vertical cracks, split teeth, and root fractures. Each type of dental crack necessitates different types of treatments. Craze lines and fractured cusps don’t constitute emergencies, but severe fractures require dental emergencies. However, only your emergency dentist near me can truly determine the extent of your dental crack or damage via x-rays. Below, we provide an overview of the possible treatment options for cracked teeth.

The emergency dentist applies a composite resin material to the crack, restoring its optimal appearance and functionality. This is only suitable for superficial cracks, such as craze lines or fractured cusps.

The emergency dentist shaves your affected tooth down to a small stub and takes an impression. A tooth-colored and tooth-shaped cap is prepared and attached to your damaged tooth. It protects the tooth’s internal structures and resembles actual teeth.

If the dental crack extends into the pulp chamber, you need a cracked tooth root canal without delay. The dentist will remove the pulp tissues from the pulp chamber, disinfect the tooth, and provide a dental crown to protect the weakened tooth.

A dental extraction is necessary when the fracture or crack goes under the gum line and the root. In this case, the damaged tooth has to be removed to prevent further complications. You may also need a dental extraction if the root canal fails.

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Tips to avoid cracked teeth:

emergency dental extraction
emergency dental extraction

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Broken/ Cracked Tooth FAQs

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Broken/ Cracked Tooth FAQs

No, cracked teeth don’t always need root canals. You only need a root canal for a cracked tooth if the crack goes into the pulp chamber, i.e., the part of the tooth with the sensitive pulp tissues and nerves.

Root canals have a nearly perfect success rate with cracked teeth, but only if you contact your emergency dentist immediately after the incident. If you delay treatment, you may eventually experience a dental infection, which will reduce the chance of success.

If your tooth is cracked in half, you will most probably need a dental extraction. The dentist will carefully examine your tooth to determine if it can be saved with fillings, crowns, or root canals. But if that’s not possible, a dental extraction might be your only option.

Your broken tooth can be fixed using numerous techniques, such as fillings, bonding, crowns, and root canals. Please contact your emergency dentist to explore your treatment options.

If your front teeth are badly chipped, you may need a dental crown or root canal, depending on the extent and depth of the crack. If the crack goes under the gum line, you may need a dental extraction.

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Edge Dental is one of the leading state-of-the-art dental clinics in Houston, TX. We believe in conservative treatments to save your natural teeth, preventing severe decays and complications. Our emergency dentist carefully examines your teeth, runs tests to identify internal damages, and determines the ideal treatment options for your cracked teeth. If necessary, we provide root canals for cracked teeth. Please schedule an appointment at our dental clinic at 15455 Memorial Dr #400 Houston, TX, for more information. We also accept last-minute walk-in appointments, especially during dental emergencies.