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Getting Emergency Dental Crown If Your Filling or Crown Falls Out

Any number of reasons, like tooth decay or accidents, can lead to a broken crown and cause an emergency. In such a situation, an emergency dental crown can come in quite handy. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about this procedure.

When is a Broken Dental Crown or Filling an Emergency

A fallen filling or crown can require emergency dental care for any number of reasons. Here are some signs that may indicate that you need an emergency dentist:

  1. Pain or sensitivity: If you experience sharp pain in your teeth or around the area where your filling or crown was, it may be a sign of nerve exposure or infection.
  2. Difficulty chewing: If you have trouble chewing or biting down on food because of the missing filling or crown.
  3. Visible damage: If you can see a visible hole or damage to your tooth after the filling or crown fell out.
  4. Swelling or bleeding: If the area around your missing filling or crown is swollen or bleeding.
  5. Cosmetic concerns: If the missing filling or crown affects the appearance of your smile and causes you distress.

If you experience any of these symptoms or concerns, it is important to contact your weekend emergency dentist as soon as possible to receive prompt treatment.

What to Tell Your Dentist About Your Lost Dental Crown or Filling

If you lose a dental filling or crown, it is important to contact your dentist as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Here are some things to tell your dentist about your tooth emergency:

  1. Describe the issue: Explain that you lost a filling or crown and provide details about when it happened, what you were doing, and any symptoms you may have.
  2. Mention any discomfort: Let your dentist know if you are experiencing any discomfort or sensitivity in the affected tooth or in the surrounding area.
  3. Discuss your dental history: If you have had previous fillings or crowns, let your dentist know and provide any relevant details.
  4. Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist questions about the procedure, the expected outcomes, and any aftercare instructions.

Remember that prompt treatment of a lost filling or crown can protect your tooth and minimize your discomfort. We at Nearest Emergency Dentist provide excellent emergency dental services, so if you are in Texas, then you can get your emergency dental work done from us at any time.

Does The Loose Crown Repair Process Hurt?

The process of repairing a tooth crown should not cause significant pain or discomfort. However, it is important to note that every patient’s experience may differ depending on the extent of the damage and the individual’s pain threshold.

After the procedure, you may experience some mild discomfort or sensitivity in the affected tooth, but this should subside within a few days.

Your dentist may recommend OTC pain relievers or prescribe medication if needed. If you experience significant pain or discomfort during or after the crown repair process, contact your dentist immediately.

The Process Involved in Temporary Crown RepairTop of Form

Here’s what you can expect during the tooth crown repair process:

  1. Numbing the affected area: Before repairing a tooth crown, your dentist will numb the affected tooth and surrounding tissues to minimize pain.
  2. Removing the damaged material: Your dentist will remove any damaged or decayed material from the tooth. You may feel some pressure or vibrations, but it should not be painful.
  3. Preparing the tooth: Once the damaged material is removed, your dentist will prepare the tooth for the new crown.
  4. Fitting the new crown: Your dentist will then attach the new crown onto the prepared tooth and check for proper fit and alignment.
  5. Bonding the crown: The new crown will then be bonded to the tooth using crown cement.

We at Nearest Emergency Dentist have all the expertise and experience to perform this procedure. So, you can get in touch with us to get the best dental service in Texas.

Cost of Getting Emergency Dental Crown Repair

There is no fixed value that you can determine as a cost for this procedure. Each dental appointment is unique and the cost can be different depending on the work involved. The experience of the dentist and the general costs of the area also play a role. It is best to discuss this directly with your dentist of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Crown Repair

  1. Is a dental crown considered an emergency?

A dental crown may be considered an emergency if it is a solution to problems like infection, pain in teeth, swelling, etc.

  1. What is an emergency crown?

An emergency crown is a temporary tooth crown that you put in place of lost teeth to restore the functionality of your teeth.

  1. What happens if I wait too long to get a crown?

Not getting a crown on time can lead to problems like pain, swelling, bleeding, and even gum infections.

Summing Up

Getting a dental crown or filling can clearly be an emergency in so many cases. The thing you need to keep in mind is that when you do get one, you choose an emergency dentist who is fully qualified for the job. The people of Texas can contact us at Nearest Emergency Dentist for all their emergency needs. We provide a full suite of emergency services, online booking 24/7, and a direct phone line as well if you need to talk to us.

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