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What Procedures and Treatments Can You Expect After an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

Dental emergencies are all too common and it is likely that they will come with follow-up visits. There are plenty of reasons why a follow-up may be required after an emergency dentist appointment and as a patient, you need to know what it is all about. Typically, an emergency dentist visit will be about checking up on your condition and making sure that you are recovering properly. In most cases, the purpose of follow-ups at an emergency dental office is clearly stated by your dentist but sometimes, you do not get that information. In this article, we will be sharing the types of procedures that you may end up getting during your follow-up visit and tell you what to expect as a patient.

Dentist Appointment Near Me for Crown Placement and Filling

The common problem for most people availing of urgent dental services is a tooth getting chipped or cracked. This can be due to any type of accident where your teeth get hit somehow. To remedy that, a follow-up visit would involve placing a crown on your knocked-out tooth. During your emergency dental services visit, the dentist will place a temporary crown to remedy the problem and get a custom crown made for you which you will get installed later. That crown would be made according to your teeth placement and configuration for perfect long-term placement.

Get an Emergency Dentist Appointment for Dental Implants

While a small incident may chip your tooth or crack it a little, serious cases may end up breaking your tooth completely. In such a situation, your local dentist’s office will recommend that you get a complete tooth replacement and have a dental implant placed in the place where your tooth was. These custom-created teeth match the size and placement of your original tooth and once installed, it is almost impossible to tell the difference. You may need to book a formal dental appointment for such a procedure, but your dentist would most likely do that for you automatically when you go for your emergency dental extraction.

Emergency Dentist Appointment Near Me with Orthodontic Care

Many cases of dental injuries require general orthodontic care to make sure that your teeth recover fully after an incident. The dental services near me would recommend this upon your visit for emergency dental care and tell you exactly what you need to do regarding a follow-up. The procedure during such an appointment can be anything from installing braces, putting on aligners, or even getting a basic retainer installed on your teeth. If a patient has an abscessed tooth, the dentist may also ask for a follow-up to check if there is any new bacterial growth in the affected area.

Recovery Evaluation After Emergency Dental Appointment Today

In many cases, a follow-up visit to your dentist does not necessarily mean you will have some procedure done on you. For cases where your emergency dental care solves your problem completely, your dentist may only ask you to come back for evaluation. This is often the case for people suffering from gum disease problems. However, this type of visit may also occur repeatedly if the dentist needs to evaluate your long-term recovery.

What Typically Happens During Private Dentist Emergency Appointment Follow Ups

This is something that depends entirely on the type of follow-up that you are having. If you had a procedure like an emergency dental extraction near me then your dentist will most likely book you for a tooth replacement against your broken tooth or try to save your tooth if it is recoverable. These appointments would either be about installing crowns or implants. However, if your problem is resolved, your dentist might not tell you what your follow-up is about. In such a case, you can expect to have a thorough examination of your mouth cavity. A detailed inspection of the affected area is mandatory to see if your visit to the emergency dentist near me open now worked properly.

Same Day Dental Appointment FAQs

  1. What to do if i missed my appointment?

The best thing to do if you miss an appointment and need to see a dentist quickly is to find a walk-in dental clinic. These clinics can treat you just as good without you wasting more time.

  1. How do I book an appointment?

The ideal method for booking an appointment is to call the dental clinic you want to visit and ask for a day appointment. Some places also offer online bookings which is convenient.

  1. What do I do if I have a dental emergency and need urgent help?

You can either go to an emergency dentist, or you can simply find a walk-in dentist near me who will treat you immediately, especially during odd hours.


Going for a follow-up visit after having a tooth extraction or any other dental emergency for that matter is important. Your dentist should check your recovery progress to make sure that you are not developing any post-procedure issues like bacterial growth, etc. If you want to find the best dental office in Spring Branch, TX then we would recommend visiting Nearest Emergency Dentist to see the best emergency dental services near me with proper follow-up protocol.

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