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The Common Dental Financing Options and Why In-House is the Best

Let’s face it, the healthcare sector is anything but cheap, regardless of the discipline you want to talk about. Everything costs exorbitant amounts of money and that is also true for most dental places as well. The procedures can cost several thousands in many cases and a lot of people do not have the means to afford them. However, there are ways in which you can make it easy to pay off what you owe. Each of these options is great for dental patient financing and we will be discussing them in detail with you. To find out more about these dental financing options, keep reading.

General Credit Card Payments for Dental Patient Financing

One of the most obvious methods that many people can avail when facing large dental fees is using their credit cards. They are a good option for providing credit for dental work and you can get a lot of treatments easily with these. However, a lot of things come into play here, such as the interest rate you will be charged, the type of coverage ceiling, and other fees and limits that you may need to deal with when opting for treatment. Some companies also offer specific dental loans which come with their own, much more lenient terms, so if your credit card allows that, then you must check it out. Places like Nearest Emergency Dentist can cover this option for people in West Houston.

Healthcare Credit Cards as Dental Financing for Patients

Another highly popular instrument that you can use to pay for your dental treatment is cards like CareCredit by GE Capital. These cards are widely accepted, and many dental offices also accept them from patients who need to use dental payment plans for their treatments. The rates charged on these cards are quite good and sometimes, you may even be lucky enough to get your hands on a promotion where no interest is charged. However, you must keep in mind that paying installments on time is extremely important with these cards. If you fail to do so, the payment plan is usually so tough that you can expect to pay double-digit interest on your loan and very high fees. You can visit Nearest Emergency Dentist if you have this coverage available.

Healthcare Installment Loans as Dental Procedure Financing

If you need to get a big treatment done and do not have the funds to pay for it, healthcare installment plans are a good option to consider. This treatment method offers different loan amounts based on the expense and you can even “re-finance” this loan if needed to cover other procedures of larger value, much like you would a car loan or a house loan. This allows you to keep a low monthly payment. However, the interest rates in this option vary based on several things, especially your credit history.

People who have good credit scores tend to get the most affordable payment plans for dental work in this scheme. One good thing about this option is that you do not have to pay any penalties in case your payment is late. Of course, it is not advisable to make that a habit if you want to retain a good credit score.

Equity Loans for Dental Finance Plans

For people who do not have any cash available at hand for immediate payment for their dental procedures, one option can be equity loans. This is when you put up an asset of yours as collateral against the loan that you are taking. This option provides one of the lowest rates since you are putting up an asset of yours as a guarantee that you will pay. Since the lending party knows they will be able to recover the loan one way or another, they are quite lenient on their loan rates. However, the decision to put up something like your home as collateral can be quite scary and daunting which is why many people avoid this option as much as possible.

Dentists With Inhouse Financing

This option is the best one by far, in our opinion, and there are several reasons for it. What makes dental offices with payment plans ideal for anyone looking to pay for treatments in installments is their great value and ease of access. Most dental offices can approve a payment plan with monthly payments for you in less than a day. That means you are saved from a lot of unnecessary hassle that you would go through with other options. Furthermore, the payment plans are also the most affordable since there is no middleman involved. The dentists can provide lower rates than any other option mentioned above. Another great thing about this is that you can get emergency treatments immediately which may otherwise be a huge problem if you do not have existing coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Financing

  1. How do discount dental plans differ from dental insurance plans?

Discount dental plans work with dentists to reduce the price that is being charged from patients whereas dental insurance simply pays for your procedures.

  1. Can I use a dental savings plan with my current dental insurance?

While a dentist may offer both options for patients, using them at the same time is not possible. You can only use one at a time, insurance being the first one.

  1. Where Do I Sign Up?

To get in-house dental financing, all you need to do is visit the dental office and choose from the available dental financing options to get started.


Of all the different dental financing options available these days, in-house payment plans are the best option for most people. For the residents of West Houston, Nearest Emergency Dentist is the best place to avail this option. They have excellent service, they offer online booking for appointments, and you can also talk to them directly via online chat or using their phone number.

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