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Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal Katy, TX

Many teens and young adults need to get their wisdom teeth removed. Many times, wisdom teeth remain impacted in the jaw or grow crooked. Some patients simply do not have enough room in their mouths for wisdom teeth. Recovery is different for each patient, depending on the position of the wisdom teeth and the removal process. You can expect to spend 2-5 days resting after surgical removal and about 10- 14 days before resuming normal eating habits. Your dentist or surgeon may schedule a follow-up exam during the first week to monitor your recovery, as well.

Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal Katy, TX

If your dentist discovers the location of your wisdom teeth before you have problems, you may have more time to prepare for your surgery. Sometimes, dental patients need an emergency extraction due to pressure, pain, or infection. If you have time to prepare for your wisdom teeth extraction in Houston, TX, consider the following list.

  • Schedule a few days off of work or school
  • Talk to your dentist about pain relief medications for recovery
  • Choose a sedation method for your procedure. Your dentist can recommend the best one to fit your treatment plan.
  • Purchase an ice pack and soft foods
  • Get a friend or family member to drive you to and from the appointment

If you have oral sedation or general anesthesia for wisdom teeth surgery, you cannot drive yourself home. Even with a traditional extraction, you may not feel your best after the appointment. Schedule a safe ride home and prepare to rest when you get home. Schedule a consultation with the Nearest Emergency Dentist to prepare for your wisdom tooth extractions, Katy, TX.

At What Age Do People Get Wisdom Teeth?

Dental patients usually get wisdom teeth during the late teen years or early adult years. Many dentists begin looking for wisdom teeth on x-ray images during their teen years. Early detection of wisdom teeth location can help dentists determine a treatment plan for wisdom teeth that may cause problems as they erupt.

Recovering From Removal of Wisdom Teeth Near Me

Your dentist or oral surgeon can help you prepare for recovering from wisdom teeth extraction in Houston. Recovery time varies, depending on the type of extraction you get. You can expect to need more time to rest after surgical extraction. During the first few days of your recovery time, you should rest and avoid strenuous physical activities. Many patients can return to work within four or five days. You should begin to eat regular foods within 10- 14 days. While interior healing can continue for several weeks or months, you can return to normal activities quickly. During the first week, you may need ice packs and pain medication. Stock your kitchen with soft foods to stay healthy and comfortable. Plan to eat smoothies or shakes for the first 24- 48 hours. Call your dentist immediately if you notice excessive bleeding or pain.

What Is The Recovery Period For Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Most patients feel best within 10 -14 days. You may need to rest for the first 3- 5 days, as you can expect to have some pain and swelling. You must also limit activity to prevent the blood clot from dislodging, causing a painful condition called dry socket.

What To Expect On The Day Of Your Texas Oral Surgery?

Arrive at your appointment about 15 minutes early to check-in and review your paperwork. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, your surgeon discusses sedation options during your consultation. On the day of your surgery, you may spend some time waiting for sedation to take effect. This may take about 30 minutes for oral sedation and less for IV sedation. Most oral surgery procedures last 45- 60 minutes. You may feel some pressure and remain aware of your surroundings if you have oral sedation. If you have general anesthesia, you remain asleep for the entire treatment. If you need a simple extraction, you might get shots with a local anesthetic to numb the area.

After sedation, the dentist continues with wisdom teeth removal. If you have impacted teeth, the dentist must cut through the gum line and may need to remove some of the bone. After the surgeon removes the wisdom teeth, you get stitches to hold the gums closed. Most dentists use stitches that dissolve after a few days. If you have sedation, the surgeons or assistants make sure you wake up well and then walk you out to the waiting area. Plan to have someone waiting for you in the waiting room to help you walk to the car, as you may feel drowsy or unstable. Ask your dentist when to take the first dose of pain medication. You may need to take it before the sedation wears off to avoid a sudden onset of pain or soreness.

How Long Does It Take To Heal From A Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Most patients feel comfortable returning to a regular diet within two weeks. Purchase plenty of soft foods to eat during the healing process.

What Is The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process Like?

The process is different for each patient. If you need surgical removal of implicated wisdom teeth, talk to your dentist about sedation options. You may need oral sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the severity of the surgery and your comfort level with dental procedures. If your wisdom teeth erupt through the gum line, the procedure is easier and resembles a traditional tooth exaction treatment.

Paying for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston

Most dental insurance companies cover wisdom teeth removal in Houston. Your dental office in West Houston can help communicate with the insurance company to find out how much coverage you have. If you do not have insurance, look for a dental office that offers a payment plan or a self-pay discount. You may also choose to use a credit card or take out a small loan.


Visit your dentist twice a year to maintain your oral health and find out about dental issues. Dentists can often see wisdom teeth on your x-rays before they cause big problems. If you have pain or swelling near your wisdom teeth, make a dental appointment immediately to find out if you need an extraction. The professionals at the Nearest Emergency Dentist can assess the problem and make a treatment plan for you.

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