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Affordable Oral Surgery: Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston

Wisdom teeth often emerge between the ages of 17 and 25 years old. Depending on the presentation of the teeth, patients may need prompt surgery to prevent complications. Some individuals do not have enough room in their mouth for the new teeth. Others have wisdom teeth that grow horizontally or diagonally. Wisdom teeth growing the wrong direction can result in severe pain, orthodontic issues, and infection. Most dental insurance covers a portion of wisdom teeth removal procedures. Many dental clinics also offer self-pay discounts and payment plans.

Average Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal with Insurance

Each dental insurance company offers a different amount of coverage for wisdom teeth removal.Most dentists can contact the insurance company and help you plan for the cost of wisdom teeth removal Houston. Without insurance, the average cost of a basic wisdom tooth extraction ranges from $75- $200 per tooth. The cost of surgical removal ranges from $225- $500 per tooth. These prices can vary depending on the severity of your situation and sedation options. Expect to pay more for emergency removal, as well. You can discuss the cost of your procedure with the specialists at Laser Dentistry Near Me.

Preparing for your Dentist Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me

Your dentist may look at your wisdom teeth on an x-ray to find if you need an extraction. Some patients have wisdom teeth that never erupt through the gum line. If your dentist determines that your wisdom teeth cannot stay in your mouth, you need to prepare for the extraction. If your wisdom teeth erupt, your extraction involves local anesthesia to numb the area. You may also need sedation or gas to help you stay calm for the procedure. A dentist in west Houston can help you prepare for your wisdom teeth removal.

If you need a surgical extraction, you may meet with your Katy oral surgeon for a consultation about the procedure. Talk to the doctor about pain relief during this visit. Some dentists offer prescription pain medication for the recovery period. Purchase ice packs for the swelling and soft foods to eat while you heal. Take a few days off of work to rest, as well. For both types of extractions, plan to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the appointment. Patients cannot drive after receiving anesthesia or sedation.

What can I expect during wisdom teeth recovery?

You can expect to have some light bleeding for the first 24 hours and swelling for several days. Most people feel much better within a week and can return to normal activity within two weeks. The site almost fully closes within 6 weeks. Depending on the type of extraction, it can take several months for complete healing, however.

Managing the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston

Each patient handles the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Houston differently. If you have dental insurance, you can expect coverage of part or all of the procedure. Patients without dental insurance handle surgical bills in different ways. You may use a regular or medical credit card, for example. Your dentist may offer a self-pay discount. Some dentists may also offer a higher discount if you pay the entire cost upfront. You may need to use savings or a credit card for this option. Many dental clinics also have in-house financing. Talk to the financial specialists about your budget and work together on a custom payment plan.

What are some wisdom tooth extraction recovery tips?

Talk to your dentist or surgeon about pain relief medications. Some dentists prescribe medication that works better than over-the-counter options. Take a few days off of work or school to rest, as well. Ice packs can help with pain or swelling. You can also prepare by purchasing soft foods to eat during recovery.

What happens when your wisdom teeth are removed?

Wisdom teeth removal experiences vary, depending on the location of your wisdom teeth. Some patients need a more traditional extraction, while others need surgery to remove impacted wisdom teeth. You can expect to have the area numbed before the procedure. Some patients need sedation, gas, or general anesthesia. For surgical removal, the dentist makes an incision and may need to remove bone to access the tooth.

Finding Affordable Wisdom Tooth Removal Near Me

If you need help with your wisdom teeth, look for Texas oral surgery specialists. You can read through their websites to find one with the services you need. You can also call to compare prices. Some may offer different discounts and promotions for new patients. If you have dental insurance, check with your insurance company to find a surgeon on your plan. If you do not have insurance, take the time to talk to a representative in the financial department at the dentist you choose. Each dental office handles discounts and payment plans differently. Find one that offers manageable monthly payments to stay within your budget.

Do all wisdom teeth have to be removed?

Some patients can keep their wisdom teeth. Dentists often watch teens and young adults closely for signs of complications with wisdom teeth.


Wisdom teeth removal surgery may become an urgent situation. This sudden problem can cause financial concerns for many people. If you have dental insurance, most companies pay at least a partial amount of wisdom teeth removal procedures. Dentists also offer self-pay discounts and payment plans for patients without insurance. Most dentists check the progress of wisdom teeth in teens and young adults during routine checkups. This vigilance helps dentists find out if the wisdom teeth may cause problems later on. With early detection of problems, patients can prepare better for the extraction or surgery. Call Laser Dentistry Near Me to find out more about the payment options for wisdom tooth removal.

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