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Services to Expect from the Emergency Walk in Dentist Near Me in Houston, West Houston

There are so many reasons why people may need to visit a dentist for emergency dental treatment. Each case is unique and the reasons for needing emergency dental services can be many. Thankfully, this is something that most dentist offices expect. So, whether you have a knocked out tooth, a lost filling, or any other problem, you can easily find a solution. If you are looking for an emergency walk in dentist near me then you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of emergency treatments in our dental emergency office. Keep reading to find out more about our emergency dental care Houston TX.


This is probably the most common dental emergency that dentists ever need to deal with. Wisdom tooth pain can come suddenly and can be extremely hard to deal with. Most people get it in their early life with the third molar tooth being the most common point. This is typically the result of the tooth not growing properly, leading to pain. Not treating it can affect your oral health and lead to serious issues. By calling a dentist providing emergency wisdom tooth removal near me, you can have it sorted in no time.

Emergency Dentist Open Near Me to Treat Damaged Crown

This is something that may or may not be an emergency, depending on the type of damage being caused. Typically, no emergency dental care nearby is required if the crown comes out without any breakage. However, if the crown becomes fragmented or develops sharp edges, you may want to get in touch with an emergency dentist who can sort it for you immediately. To be extra sure that you are not at risk, we suggest getting yourself checked after the crown is removed. You need to schedule an appointment and get your teeth inspected.

Dentist That Accepts Walk ins for Lost Filling

Fillings serve more than a cosmetic purpose for anyone who has got them. While they are certainly completing the look of your teeth, they are also protecting your gums from potential bacterial growth. Losing a filling may lead to infections if not taken care of immediately and an emergency dental care Houston TX can sort you out. We strongly recommend that you get emergency treatment for the lost filling and have it replaced with a new one as soon as possible. It may be a bit annoying, but you would be saving yourself from a lot of trouble down the lane.

Walk in Dental Clinic Near Me Treating Broken/Cracked Tooth

This can be an emergency, but it depends on the type of damage sustained from the breakage. If you have a tooth that broke in a way that left a sharp edge or is painful, you may need to get an emergency tooth extraction. This is also true for cases when the crack goes beyond the visible tooth and into the gum line, as it could lead to gum damage as well. It is best to treat it as an emergency in that case and look for walk-in appointments if available. Otherwise, you can simply get a day appointment as well.

Walk in Urgent Care Near Me for Swelling/Pain in Gums

Sometimes you may suddenly start having severe pain in your gums along with bleeding and swelling. This is an indicator of pus formation in the teeth which can press on the gums and even infect them, thereby causing intense pain. Such a situation certainly requires that you find the nearest dentist to me and get your teeth checked out. In case a cyst is formed, it can lead to abscessed teeth and would require emergency dental extraction of the affected tooth. In more severe cases a root canal may also be required. Having emergency dentistry services in your reach during such a situation can make all the difference for your oral health.

Nearest Emergency Dentist for Treating Knocked Out Tooth / Dental Implant

This one is always an emergency, so you should make sure that you know an emergency dentist near me to get yourself treated immediately. When faced with such a situation, your immediate plan should be to place your broken tooth into an airtight container with cold milk inside it. If you are lucky and have your nerve endings still intact, the walk in dentist may be able to reattach your original tooth. However, in the unfortunate event that you cannot get your actual tooth placed back, you will likely be provided consultation regarding implants or bridges as a replacement for the lost tooth.

Emergency Dental Office FAQs

  1. What are your after office hours?

We do not offer after-office hours treatments, but our timings are quite long, and we also offer emergency dental services near me for patients who may need it.

  1. What emergency treatments do you offer?

We offer emergency dental care for wisdom tooth extraction, lost filling, damaged crowns, knocked-out teeth/implants, abscessed teeth/gums, and cracked teeth.

  1. What if I have a broken or chipped tooth?

You should immediately contact an adult dentist near me without any delay and get your tooth checked out by a professional so it can be operated on if needed.


Having a good emergency walk in dentist at your disposal can be a lifesaver if you ever get into a tricky situation. Being in touch with one before you actually need them is always a good idea and for Houston, we suggest getting in touch with Nearest Emergency Dentist for emergency treatments.

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