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Emergency Care with Memorial Dental Houston

Sometimes a dental issue becomes an emergency. Patients can make urgent dental situations less stressful by finding out more about their dentist’s emergency protocol. Many dentists work patients into the daily schedule if they call with an emergency. You may also get good emergency care from a dentist with extended hours or after- hours emergency care. Before you ever need emergency care, find out more about emergency plans with a dentist in your area.

Managing Dental Emergencies with Memorial Dental Houston

Talk to Memorial dental Houston about how to handle an emergency. Every dental office has their own protocol. You may need to visit a different office if your emergency is after-hours, for example. Many dentists ask you to come for a walk-in appointment immediately if you have an urgent dental problem. After-hours emergencies may get handled by a doctor on call after you speak with an answering service. Depending on the condition of your gums or teeth, the dentist may stabilize your condition and ask you to schedule a follow-up visit during normal business hours. Some issues, however, require extensive treatment immediately.

Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist Houston, TX

If you have an injury that affects your mouth, or sudden pain, call your dentist immediately. If your tooth becomes loose or gets knocked out from an injury, you need to visit the dentist within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Your risk for losing the tooth permanently increases the longer you wait. Pain, swelling, and bleeding can also indicate an infection in your tooth or gum line. Abscessed teeth can become extremely painful and even cause fever, chills, and vomiting. Common reasons to seek care with an emergency dentist in Houston near me include the following.

  • Tooth knocked out
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Abscess
  • Pain or excessive bleeding following a tooth extraction or surgery
  • Filling or crown falls out

Emergency care may even involve surgery in some cases. Impacted or infected teeth may contribute to the need for extractions. Call your dentist immediately for the best chance at saving your tooth.

My teeth feel fine and look fine; do I still need to see a dentist?

Yes, you should still see a dentist if your teeth feel and look fine. Schedule a checkup twice a year to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. During your routine checkup, the dentist checks for oral health issues. Biannual cleanings can also clear your mouth of bacteria before it builds up and causes problems.

Help! I have a knocked-out tooth. What should I do?

Call your dentist immediately if you have an accident and lose your tooth. Sometimes, dentists can save the tooth. This situation is definitely an emergency. Pick the tooth up by the crown. Do not touch the root. Gently rinse the tooth off and place it back in the socket. Hold the tooth in place while someone drives you to the emergency dentist.

Finding a Houston Family Dentist

When looking for a new dentist, you can start your search online or call your insurance company. Look through dental websites to find a dentist in Houston, TX. Once you find a dentist you like, look through the website for the services and features you need. You can also check if they accept your dental insurance. Check credentials and customer reviews before making an appointment, as well., to make sure you get quality dental care. A dentist in Spring Branch, TX 78070 can help you get the entire family started with routine dental care.

What should I look for when choosing the right dentist for me in the Houston area?

Think about features that you find important for your medical care. You may prefer to have a dentist close to home, for example. Many patients also value features such as after-hours appointments and emergency care. Look online or call your insurance agency to find a dentist in your area. You may also like to call potential dentists and ask questions to make sure they offer the services and payment options you need.

Managing the Cost of Emergency Dental Care Houston

Dental insurance coverage can help you pay for both preventative care, repairs, and surgeries. If you have dental insurance, find a dentist on your plan and learn about everything your plan covers.You may pay specific co-pay or a percentage for emergency care. If you do not have dental insurance, look for a dental office in Houston that offers self-payment discounts and payment plans to help make the cost manageable.

What is covered under basic dental care?

Basic dental care includes preventative coverage for most insurance companies. You can expect to get an exam and teeth cleaning twice each year with coverage for basic dental care. Talk to your insurance company about coverage of more complicated procedures. Treatment for cavities and gum disease may also fall into this category.

Working with Memorial Family Dental After an Emergency

After your emergency appointment, you may need follow-up care. Your dentist can tell you how many follow-up appointments you need while healing. You may also need more procedures to complete your repair or tooth loss. Some follow-up measures include adding a crown or planning for tooth replacement. You may also need to consult with a Katy oral surgeon.The main goal of your dentist is to restore your comfort and oral health after your emergency.


You can handle a dental emergency best if you already know the protocol for your dental clinic. If your dentist does not handle emergencies, find a clinic in your area you can call if you have an urgent problem. You may get an immediate walk-in appointment if you call with an emergency issue, such as a knocked-out tooth or abscess. It can help to have a dentist with extended hours to better accommodate emergencies after traditional business hours. Many dentists also assign a doctor to handle after-hours emergencies to make sure patients have access to care 24/7. Call the Nearest Emergency Dentist if you need help immediately.

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