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How to Protect Your Teeth After Your Crown Fell Out?

My Crown Fell Out, What Do I Do Next to Protect My Teeth?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to restore its shape, size, and strength. Dental crowns are essential in preserving oral health, but when your crown falls out, it can be a cause of concern. Not taking good care of your broken tooth cap by getting emergency dental care can also lead to serious issues.

In this article, we will discuss what to do when a dental crown falls out. Do keep in mind that choosing a good dentist is essential in such situations and we at Nearest Emergency Dentist have all the technical experience you need to get the best possible treatment for such a situation.

Retrieving the Crown to Fix Broken Crown Tooth

The first step when a dental crown falls out is to retrieve it. Finding the crown is essential as it can be re-cemented back onto the tooth, or the dentist can use dental crown adhesive for it. Look around your mouth; if you find it, avoid touching or damaging it. If you cannot find it, do not worry. Your dentist can create a new permanent crown for you as well.

When handling the crown, be careful not to drop or damage it. If the crown comes off and is damaged or chipped, it may not fit back onto the tooth correctly. So, you will be required to get a new one made by your emergency dentist. Place the crown in a small container or ziplock bag to keep it safe.

Going to a good dentist is also essential at this point, and you can come to us at Nearest Emergency Dentist for the best solutions. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with dental crown falls and can help you either set it back into its place using cap tooth glue or cementing.

Cleaning the Crown and Tooth for Emergency Crown Repair

The second step is to clean the crown and tooth. Rinse the crown with warm water to remove any debris or dirt. Do not use soap or other cleaning agents, as they can damage the crown’s surface.

Next, clean the tooth that the tooth crown fell off. Use a toothbrush to gently brush the tooth and remove any debris that may have accumulated. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this may cause further damage to the tooth, and you want to prevent the crown from falling.

Assess the Damage on the Dental Cement Crown

After cleaning the crown and tooth, assess the damage and see the crown’s useful life expectancy. Check the crown for any cracks or chips, as these may affect how well the crown fits back onto the tooth. If the crown is damaged, it may need an emergency crown repair from a qualified dentist.

Also, examine the tooth for any decay or damage. If the tooth has significant decay or is severely damaged, the dentist may need to perform a root canal before replacing the crown. They will use a temporary crown after the root canal to give the root canal time to completely set and heal before getting that temporary crown replaced with a permanent one.

Temporary Solution for Dental Implant Crown Loose

If the crown is intact and the tooth is not too damaged, a temporary solution can be applied. Dental cement or dental adhesive for crowns can be used to reattach the crown temporarily. This will protect the tooth from further damage and sensitivity until you can see your dentist again.

To apply the dental cement or temporary adhesive, first dry the tooth and the inside of the crown. Apply a small amount of cement or adhesive onto the inside of the crown and place it back onto the tooth. Hold the crown in place for a few minutes until the cement or adhesive sets.

In case this sounds too complicated to you, then you should visit a professional dentist for a proper installation job. We, at Nearest Emergency Dentist, can perform this process for you professionally and make sure that once we glue the temporary crown back into its place, it looks correct as well.

Seek Professional Help for Dental Crown Fell Out

Even with a temporary solution, it is important to seek professional help and call your dentist right away. Make an appointment with your dentist and provide them with details of how the temporary crown fell out. Your dentist will assess the situation and determine whether the crown can be re-cemented or if a new one needs to be made.

During the dental appointment, your dentist may also examine the tooth and recommend any necessary treatments, such as a root canal or filling. Be prepared for the dental appointment by bringing the crown, any pieces that may have broken off, and any information about how your dental crown fell out.

FAQs on Dental Crown Fell Off

Why do dental crowns come loose?

Dental crowns can come loose or fall out if you have cavity formation, trauma, or other dietary issues that can cause it.

Can you prevent a crown from falling out?

You can prevent your crown from falling off by avoiding hard, sticky, chewy foods, brushing and flossing regularly, and using an interdental brush.

What not to do if your crown fell out?

Avoid eating hard and chewy foods, rinse your mouth using mouthwash, and visit your dentist immediately for repair.


In conclusion, when a dental crown falls out, it can be alarming, but there are steps you can take to minimize the damage and protect your oral health. For the people of Texas, there is no better option to go for when dealing with crowns falling off than Nearest Emergency Dentist. Our team has highly qualified and experienced dentists who will provide all the information you need and replace or repair your teeth after your crown falls out. You can schedule an appointment with us using our online 24/7 booking service or call us during work hours for a more detailed discussion of your needs.

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